Public Transport

Train waiting at a station platform Somerset is crossed by a network of bus and rail services, complemented by Demand Responsive and Community Transport and by special tourist bus services to popular destinations. Public transport is a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly way to travel around the county, particularly to/from town centres. Modern buses and trains are comfortable and smooth and allow you to make the most of your journey time by catching up on reading, phoning, working on a laptop or simply relaxing.

You can plan your journey across Somerset by public transport easily using our Journey Planner. Simply enter your start point, destination, date and time you would like to travel. You will then be shown the different combinations of trains and buses you could catch to complete your journey.

The scheduled bus and train services are also complemented by Demand Responsive and Community Transport services. Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services are flexible services operating in areas where standard public transport is limited, to provide additional coverage to surrounding villages for those who do not have their own transport.

Community Transport (CT) is provided by charities who often use volunteers to enable people who cannot easily get around by themselves to get to things like doctor’s appointments, social visits and the shops. You need to be eligible to use CT services and they need to be booked in advance. Community Car Schemes are similar schemes, run by volunteers for their parish or village. See the pages below for more information.

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