Travel Plan Monitoring

What is iOnTRAVEL and how is it used?

Use of iOnTRAVEL prior to operation or occupation of your development

Use of iOnTRAVEL during the occupation of your development

What is iOnTRAVEL and how is it used?

iOnTRAVEL is the Somerset County Council's online travel plan submission and monitoring system. Developers are required to submit details of their travel plan upfront and record the ongoing operation of their travel plan over several years.

The travel plan contact for the development itself should be responsible for reporting against the travel plan targets and action plan via Throughout the life of the travel plan, the Travel Plan Coordinator will provide feedback and advice to enable the plan to be operated effectively.

Use of iOnTRAVEL prior to operation or occupation of your development:

  • Applicants must enter the details of their travel plan onto iOnTRAVEL. Developers must register their development sites on

The specification of measures in the travel plan must always include the following details to allow action plans to be transferred simply onto iOnTRAVEL:

  1. Start date
  2. End date
  3. Quality – specification, e.g. relevant standards or dimensions
  4. Quantity
  5. Location for physical measures

Targets must also be set out in a standard form.

Use of iOnTRAVEL during the operation of your development:

Travel plans secured through planning permission will be supervised by the Somerset Council to ensure they are delivering the modal share targets and measures agreed. Somerset County Council charges a fee for this service. Developers, owners and occupiers  will be required to report on the progress of their travel plan via iOnTRAVEL (

The travel plan must be monitored regularly to ensure:

  • the measures agreed in the Action Plan/planning permission are being implemented
  • they are delivering the modal shift required by the targets (and remedial measures identified and implemented if not)
  • the travel plan is kept up-to-date and effective as possible as situations change and new opportunities emerge e.g. new transport facilities are created, attitudes change, new development occurs, employer/employee needs change, staff and residents move on

a) Carrying out actions in the travel plan

  • When actions within your Action Plan have been completed, this should entered into iOnTRAVEL. Data from modal share survey questionnaires should also be uploaded on an annual basis. This is outlined below.  

Developers will receive reminders of their commitments (which refer to the approval, preparation and operation of their travel plan) via automated emails from iOnTRAVEL, triggered by the schedule of actions entered at the start of the travel planning process (see Figure 2).

Confirmation/evidence that the agreed actions have been carried out must be uploaded to iOnTRAVEL to be checked and approved by Somerset County Council.

Note: Any proposed alterations to the agreed content of the travel plan must be agreed by all parties. These include actions being removed from the action plan, and the addition of measures that might act to negate or render ineffective measures agreed in the action plan.

b) Collection, calculation and presentation of modal split survey data

  • The developer/owner must also update iOnTRAVEL with survey data as surveys as required by the automatic reminder system.

Questionnaire surveys are the main method of monitoring a travel plan, though other methods may be used to supplement this data. Automatic counts of vehicle trip rates will, in particular, be used to corroborate modal share evidence collected through questionnaire surveys. A mean average of counts and questionnaire data may be taken as a definitive modal split.