Journey Planner

Wondering how to get around Somerset without a car? The journey planners below can help you find your way around on foot, by bicycle and by public transport. You can even find a car share partner going your way.

Public Transport Journey Planner

Traveline can tell you exactly how to get wherever you want to go using the bus and/or train.

Simply type in where you want to go from and to, and what day and time you want to travel, and the site will tell you exactly what combination of trains and buses you need to catch, plus how long it will take you.

If you would prefer to speak to someone in person, or need to find out travel times when you are already out and about, you can call Traveline’s information service on 0871 200 22 33.

Need to use the train and bus for your journey? A PlusBus ticket allows you unlimited bus travel in your destination town and could save you money. To find out more, go to the PlusBus website.

Cycle Journey Planner

Moving Forward has developed this bespoke cycle planner, which has been designed by cyclists for cyclists.You can find a cycle route between any two points in Somerset using our journey planner. It will plot the quickest, quietest or most recreational cycle route for you, and generate a map. The Moving Forward journey planner is based on ‘open source mapping’ which can be updated and amended by you; this will keep it up to date and capture all the little cycle links that we might not know about. This means that, over time, the routes recommended by this journey planner will come to reflect those used by real cyclists out there on the ground.

We also publish a series of cycle maps for the 20 largest towns and villages in Somerset.

For long-distance recreational routes, see our Cycling pages.

Walking Journey Planner

Google Maps allows you to get walking directions between any two points in the UK – simply click “get directions” on the left and then select the silhouette of the walking man. However, be aware that these only use the official road and footpath network, so may miss those little cut-throughs and paths that are valuable when walking.

Our Walking pages provide walking route guides and maps of 20 towns in Somerset.

If you want to walk around a larger city, is a brilliant resource. It allows you to plan effective point-to-point or circular routes and gives you information on journey time, calories burned and carbon saved. This information is also available using our Travel Change Calculator.

Car share journey planner

If you need to drive but could save costs and carbon by sharing your journey with someone else, our matching service could help you find a car share partner. Visit Liftshare and add your details to find out if any other car sharers are going your way.